Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Entry Video for "Rennovation Realities"

We applied to be on a TV show on the DIYNetwork titled, "Rennovation Realities." They contacted us, interested to see more of our project. This is the video we shot for the second round of entries. Enjoy.

Trimming the Trees

Work continues at Big Orange. Yesterday we had the three trees on the west side of the house trimmed back. Large limbs hung over the house posing serious threat during any major storm, as well as serving as bridges for squirrels to enter and exit the third floor eaves (which remain open until further renovation). Thanks to Mike Papai and his company who provided excellent service.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

First Floor Half Bath Progress

The downstairs half bath has also been tiled by our now resident tiling expert, Ben. This floor is a replica of original octagonal, white tile in the master bath. The grout (which Marlo is slated to accomplish soon) will be warm, french gray. The threshhold, a gray veined white marble.

The antique sink was given to us by friends, stamped with the date October 1937. The quaint faucet and handles are original to the sink. A faucet for hot and a faucet for cold point toward each other making one stream of water.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Second Floor Hall Bath Progress

Ben worked feverishly this past weekend installing porcelain tile in the upstairs hall bathroom. This was no ordinary tiling job. We decided to remove the radiator heating unit from the bathroom and put in a radiant heating element in the floor underneath the tile. Tiling over the radiant heat coils and mesh proved to be quite a skilled job.

Spending all day Saturday and Sunday, Ben worked by himself and produced a beautifully tiled floor that will be gloriously warm to the feet when we step out of the tub and on cold winter mornings.

Here is a photo of the tiled floor (yet to be grouted). The tile is a white procelain with gray veining. The grout will be a warm, french gray. The threshhold will be gray veined white marble.