Monday, May 2, 2011

Final Push

We have sold our current home; buyer receives the keys at closing on May 25th.

We are "working, working, working day and night, day and night" to get Big Orange ready for us to live in, in just a few short weeks! Scraping paint, tiling floors, installing appliances, cabinets, countertops and cleaning years of grime off windows (lots of windows), all woodwork (lots of woodwork) and polishing floors (lots of floors).

This is truly a "Do It Yourself" project. Not a "reality show" do-it-yourself with a behind the scenes crew who does all the work after the cameras are turned off and the star of the show comes back to the set the next day and everything is done. Nope, this is working full time jobs during the day, picking up the kids, grabbing supper and working til the kids fall apart, putting the kids to bed and one of us going back to the orange house and working til the wee hours of the morning, getting a few hours of sleep and doing it all again. Whew!

Ben cleaning floors.

Until recently, the former owner of the house had left an old trailer filled with wood scraps in the back yard. We posted it on craigslist as "you haul it away, it's yours." Three guys came to look at it and decided not to take it. We were concerned that we wouldn't even be able to give it away for free! But finally, someone did come and remove it from our yard. Yeah. The space it occupied will make a great garden space.

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